Behind the scenes, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 2014

Those who watched the opening of the Olympic Games in Sochi? A very colorful, is not it? I like it! Take a look at what was going on behind the scenes of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

Teams are going to the opening ceremony. The Dutch seem to be wondering whether they should not go on the bikes ...

The French, as expected, the most stylish.

"Maria Sharapova is preparing to air. Recall that in Sochi she works as a commentator »

Photo for memory. Perhaps with future champions.

And, of course, one of the most famous members of the Olympics - the Jamaican bobsleigh!

Headdress waiting for their heroines ... is about to begin!

Teams are ready to exit. Kazakhstan.

Olympic "selfi." USA.

American TV crew at work.

Japan with her ... I wonder how these positions are called beautiful girls? - The bearer plates? .. If someone knows - share! :)

Commentary positions.

Photographers bit cramped ...

Athletes are photographed with the Olympic mascots. Slovenia.


Discovered leading ceremony Ivan Urgant!

And Alina Kabaeva, which, contrary to rumors, has not lit the Olympic flame, although she was very close. Here she is sitting next to Elena Isinbayeva, and no one with whom everyone thought.

Olympians take their places in the stands. Yulia Lavrent'eva skater from Ukraine.

Aimee Fuller and Jenny Jones from the UK snowboarders.

Team Lebanon in full.

By the way, in addition to sleeping peacefully Medvedev, in the stands it was found and the disgraced ex-mayor Luzhkov mockovsky.

Leonid Rudenko - the first DJ in the world, working on the opening of the Olympic Winter Games.

Canadian bearded.

New Zealanders do «Haka» in front of their standard-bearer. Unfortunately, we do not have a clue what it is ...

You know, who carried a sign Russia? - We found out everything for you! It Irina Shayk - model, better known as the girlfriend of dreams half the world's women soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Here she is preparing for his honorable and responsible mission.

And now all the attention it deserves actors and dancers!

Ballet. Hussar, as expected, with champagne!

Group Shot "of the twentieth century."


"Imperial Russia».


Beauties! Athletes! Komsomolskaya!

Exciting time behind the scenes.

"Imperial Russia. Last Exit. »

All! The ceremony finished, all responsible can exhale.



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