From Luigi Benedichenti

Italian artist Luigi Benedichenti (Luigi Benedicenti) draws food. It would seem, well, what? Many paint. But the Italian apparently feels a special passion for products. They had such that drools, until you look at the figures. I can not believe that this is just paint, it seems that the fruits poured honey and cakes fresh from the patisserie.

Luigi was born in 1948 in Chieri, Italy. He studied at the Master of Fine Arts in Turin. It was there that one of the first pioneers in the world of hyper-realism.

Like many famous people, at the beginning of its activity master vegetating in obscurity. His work no one bought, and he himself did not know and did not even want to know. Criticized his work almost constantly: that they have no soul, the style, the elegance.

But in 1990, suddenly came to fame, and paintings housed at the international exhibition, where they relished so many owners of art galleries. Artist recognized and included in the list of artists whose works are required for the study.

To no one thought that the master only knows, what to draw and raspberry cakes, Luigi shows in his paintings of people. It turns so realistic that not even think that this pattern.


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