Olympic calendar "downside"

Spanish Association of Olympic Sports (La Asociación de Deportes Olímpicos, abbreviated ADO) released the sports calendar Steampunk called "downside» (La otra cara de la medalla)

Each month Photo Calendar is dedicated to one of the Olympic sports. In the shooting calendar was attended by famous Spanish athletes.

Boxing, José Gutiérrez Alonso, January:

Discus Throw, Mario Pestano, February

Cycling, José Antonio Escuredo, March.

Synchronized swimming, Irina Rodríguez, Gemma Mengual, Andrea Fuentes, April.

Fencing, Jorge Pina, May.

Gymnastics, Gervasio Deferr, June.

Weight lifting, Estefanía Juan, July.

Canoe Sprint, Alejandro Blanco, August.

Long jump, Joan Lino, September.

Equestrian, Beatriz Ferrer Salat, October.

Volleyball, Pablo Herrera, Raúl Mesa, November.

Rhythmic gymnastics, Lara González, Isabel Pagán, Elisabeth Salom, Ana María Pelaz, Verónica Ruiz, Bárbara González. Todas, December.

PS: * Steampunk (Steampunk or steampunk) - a genre of science fiction, in which the simulated world, perfectly mastered the technology of steam engines.



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