10 revolutionary clean technologies

A selection of ten innovative discoveries that can greatly enhance the ability of existing technologies.

1. Biofuels from algae.

If you do not hurt the global economic crisis, in 2030 12% of aviation fuel will be produced from algae. Mexico expects to reach 1% in 4 years. The first car on biofuel from algae was built in 2009. It biofuels - liquid resembling oil, devotes only a fifth of the amount of carbon dioxide produced from burning fossil fuels and can be carried out in coastal areas. The main problem is money - the cost of production will be reduced by 90%. (Ashley Cooper / Ashley Cooper / Corbis)

2. zinc-air battery.

As the world's reserves of zinc in 100 times more reserves of lithium, the transition to zinc-air batteries could make laptops more autonomous, to reduce the cost and increase the reliability of the electric hearing aids. Zinc is recyclable, is relatively inexpensive and has a high energy density. Now, such batteries are used as power sources of disposable hearing aids, but in the coming years is expected to launch production of rechargeable batteries. (Matt Cardy / Getty Images)

3. Organic solar cells.

By the Carbon Trust believes that cheap organic solar cells can be efficient enough to be commercially successful. Carbon Trust supports the project to create a printed solar cell batteries, which can be used in Africa and India. But while the numbers are disappointing: the efficiency is only 9%. If the figures will be able to raise a lot of us have moved on solar energy. (Alex Hofford / EPA)

4. marine energy.


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