The most ugly insect in the world

Meet the most impartial insects on our planet. Brazilian Gorbatka or Bocydium globulare

Evolution has made Brazilian Gorbatko so ugly on purpose. Surreal kind of insect scares off predators. Quasi-bumps as antennas, which are located at the end of the balls like eyes are actually layers of chitin, which protect Gorbatko from depredation. Yes, these are the harsh realities of wildlife. The ugly and worse you look, the more chance you have to survive. This is the world of men the opposite rule. If a person is nice, so it is the trust, therefore, easier to achieve success. In terms of the nature of homo sapiens is absolutely the wrong kind. That does not prevent, however, we dominate the planet.

Bizarre spines, hooks and spines surrounded by bristles that perform protective and sensory function Gorbatka.

Brazilian Gorbatka belong to the class of insects, orders Hemiptera and family of cycads. Like other members of the family, adults Gorbatko and their larvae feed on plant juices.

Gorbatka widely distributed around the globe, they are not found only in the Arctic. The largest and most diverse population of these amazing insects inhabit the tropical forests of South America. Fierce competition in the tropics for survival made them real monsters.

With a variety of bizarre shapes, Brazilian Gorbatka became a source of inspiration for painters and sculptors. Looking at the things shown in the photographs, you come to the conclusion that if Salvador Dali invented insects, they would have looked that way.



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