Graceful killer

In nature, there are more than 600 species of plant-killers. They lure their prey into the trap, trap, trapping intoxicating smells and other tricks. Sensing the smell of food, insect goes to pitcher carnivorous plant. These predators, like all other plants, use photosynthesis to produce nutrients. However, this is too small for a full life, as most of them live in the poor soil micronutrients. To survive in such difficult conditions, plants use nitrogen-killer, which is obtained from his victims.

The insect falls into the Venus flytrap, twice touched her tiny hairs.

Tropical Nepenthes attracts new victim to its enticing aroma. But as soon as the insect lands on a slippery rim immediately slips into its insatiable maw.

More than 675 plant species, predators armed with passive traps. For example, pinguicula. She ruffled sticky hairs, holding the insect until the food is not processed into the digestive fluid.


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