Moscow sunsets over the Kremlin from the photo-blogger Ilya Varlamov

Moscow sunsets over the Kremlin from the photo-blogger Ilya Varlamov

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Ivan the Great Bell Tower was built in 1505 - 1508 years. by Italian architect Bon Fryazin.
On the bell tower of Ivan the Great bell eighteen.

From the bell tower offers great views of Moscow, ever in my hands, and reach up to him.

And the building of the Moscow State University of Design and Technology, founded in 1930 as the Polytechnic Institute of the leather industry with the aim of training highly qualified personnel for the leather and shoe sectors of light industry. In the early 80s it was called the Moscow Institute of Light Industry (MTILP), but now is not very sweetly - mudita.

Yes, this view was podsmotren Dima Chistoprudova


Advertising BMW, I think the past has been much more successful. The length of the banner is 400 m, height - 15 m, the total area of ​​the building - 6,000 square meters. m. This is the largest original design in Europe, comparable in size to the Place Vendome in Paris, and much higher than the area of ​​the arena of the Roman Coliseum.

The sun sets ...


General view from the large Ustinsky bridge.

In the corners of the big Moscow River bridge has a protruding area. Tourists love them dearly, where you can admire the view of the pillar and the Kremlin.





That's usually looks like a photographer. Traffic police to say "thank you" for the filming of all cars reduced speed, catching sight of a man with a tripod in orange zhelet. In turn, we just ran across this bridge 10, breaking all the rules.



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