Millau Viaduct in France

The bridge itself - is hell grandiose construction. The length of the carriageway 2460 meters. The width of 32 meters, the height of the pylon High luminance (P2) 343 meters from the ground. The height of the Eiffel Tower 324 meters. It is a miracle built in 2004 as it was built - can be found on the Discovery or neyshnl Geographic, I do not remember exactly where it's viewed.

It is located on the highway A75, go straight to Barcelona and left

12 ph © Pavel Bykov

The border between Spain and France. Or rather its absence. You go and you go, no brakes, no checks. I even documents with them did not take

Roads in France, and in Spain, luxury. On highways speed limit 130 km / h (110 in the rain). But the majority of the route - toll roads. Total road there and back costing somewhere in the 50 euro. Take the card, so it's simple.

Entrance to the bridge from the south. Limitation 110, 3 bands, you can not go on foot.

Turning to the observation deck, we, of course, profukali. That left the track. I had to hand over his back.

It is about observation, where you can eat and buy Souvenir. Parking is free. A lot of people in mobile homes.

Observation deck. Russian there was obviously very little specific inscriptions nowhere. French and nemntsy sometimes come across.

The very village of Millau. The bridge was built to summer traffic jams are not paralyzed the village.

That is the support that the closest, it is the highest.

Support and guys

Especially interesting for all precinct. Nowhere prolezesh. Just visible between the pillars is another observation deck.


And this is a view with the viewing platform, which is visible from above.



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