Cat SpongeBob tries to do something that was not possible cat Meow

The thick red cat named Sponge Bob weighs 14 kg 9
Nine year old cat lives in a shelter Animal Haven in New York and decided to try the orphanage caretakers to put him on a diet and to introduce a special set of exercises, hoping that he will be able to lose weight and the case has not yet gone as far as the cat Meow

They started it in April and two months in the cat has already lost 3 pounds of weight. Now SpongeBob himself can already walk and even run for the string that before he managed very badly. But it is still too thick in order to properly and lick until it washed shelter volunteers.

According to Kendra Mara (Kendra Mara), head of the shelter, the cat came to them from a pensioner who was sent to a nursing home. That when they come for the cat, there were 10-15 people carrying furniture and things, and they all looked in amazement at the cat, as never seen such thick.


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