Age Statistics alcoholism

In 76% of cases of alcoholism appear up to 20 years, 49% - in adolescence. Agree statistics more than sad. Below are the main stages of the development of alcoholism.

Prodromal stage.

This "zero" stage of alcoholism: Alcohol is not yet, but the potential alcoholic pleasure is attached to a so-called "domestic drinking" that is, does not refuse a drink when the occasion is. The reason may be a simple and friendly meeting. At this stage, a person indifferent to when will be the next booze, is not seeking to "continue the banquet," and can stop drinking alcohol without adverse consequences for themselves. However, if the household gets drinking daily, then over time it goes to the 1st stage of alcoholism

The first stage.

Here it "interesting." At this stage, people sometimes feel a burning desire to get drunk, with self-justification appear in every case of alcoholism: stress at work, quarrel with family, total breakdown. In the process of trying to drinking to get drunk as much as possible, loses control, may become aggressive and irritable. A critical attitude to alcohol disappears, drinking becomes commonplace. It appears tolerance (endurance) to alcohol.

The second stage.

In the second step increases tolerance appears heavy hangover. Man pulls a drink at the least the same occasion, sometimes without it. After drinking a little, lose self-control and always striving to continue "until the fall." After drinking, behaving aggressively and even unpredictable, slept, forgetting much of what had been the day before. At this stage, may appear hallucinations.

The third stage.

The most severe. If the first stage of the endurance to alcohol increases, then the third, it drops sharply and the person is able to get a drink with a couple of shots, but continues to drink to complete oblivion. Alcohol becomes a daily, begins the degradation of the individual. This stage is also accompanied by the rapid deterioration of health, typical of alcoholics develop serious diseases: alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic encephalopathy, mental disorders (delirium tremens), and so on. N. "Pull" the alcoholic with this stage - an incredibly difficult task


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