Cape Perpetua or Well Thor

6000 years ago along the coast near Cape Perpetua, Native Americans hunted for shells, crabs, sea urchins and shellfish.
You can still see traces of their lives in scattered along the coast of Cape Perpetua barnacles, which is also called the Well of the Torah.

1. On the Oregon coast has an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 11 square kilometers, which is more in the 60 years began to ennoble and to equip all sorts of amenities for the tourists, as not to notice the beauty of this place is simply unrealistic.

2. For outdoor enthusiasts at Cape Perpetua laid 40 kilometers of hiking trails through dense forests, with a variety of outputs to the ocean and the coastal basins carved in the rocks for millions of years

3. Well the Torah - a natural salty fountain.

4. During the tides Well Torah turns into a geyser erupting pillars of salt spray.

5. Well the Torah is also commonly called the Gates of Hell.







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