Metal bar called the Intimidator («Zapugivatel") - is not just a puzzle of 125-year-brass, steel, aluminum, bronze and magnesium parts. It is a real weapon.
From this magic of the bar can be assembled pistol .45.

Designed by Michigan engineer Gare Maxton (GarE Maxton), a puzzle is a metal brick 200h130h100 mm with a weight of 40 pounds (more than 18 kilograms). Familiarity with these unusual items begins with a key element - a metal cylinder with a magnet inside.

The dividing line is thin enough, to notice it right is not easy.

Leaning against a certain part, he unlocks the mechanism for ejecting one of the elements of the upper face.

But this is only the beginning, is now a kind of safe need to take apart in the best tradition of wooden components. And in addition to the standard set of puzzles for such gear parts, Intimidator used screws, springs and threaded cylinders. According to the Gare, without dismantling the practice (and the more Reassembly) puzzle it takes a very long time.

To get the gun disassembled first puzzle, you have to solve the second - to collect pieces of the gun first. Some of these containers are of the gun, and some of the elements involved in the design and parallelepiped and arms.


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