Baseball - one of the most boring sports

Describes his feeling of presence in a baseball game Sergey Dolya:

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Baseball - one of the most boring sports. Not only that it is impossible to understand the rules, so more and the game lasts more than 3 hours with constant stops and interruptions. It seems that it go only to the output not to sit at home ...

We were at the game of local amateur teams Seattle Mariners baseball team from Oaklend Athletics:

The stadium, to put it mildly, was not a scored:


However, the local team called laykat their vengeance on Facebook and twitter fouls:

Tell you the rules, I would not venture, although towards the end of the third hour of the game, I had become more or less consciously to follow the proceedings. In a nutshell, one team throws the ball, and the representative of his other fights off the bat. When rescued, it is necessary to have time to run to the next base before the opposing team does not catch and did not return the ball:

Base - three white dots on the field:





The game was obviously uninteresting even devoted fans, and they are wandering around the stadium than watching the game. In addition, the rows always went all sellers shnyazhki:




During the breaks on the field ran out a team of cleaners:

In one of these outputs, they suddenly dropped their mops and began to dance. The audience greeted them with applause and screaming performance approval:

In addition cleaners audience entertained moose - a symbol of the local team:

Periodically, the ball flew into the stands and he started a small fight:

In the end, when we have lost 5: 2, the ball began to fly into the stands very often. It seems that players are somehow trying to maintain the interest of spectators to what is happening:

Somewhere in the middle of a match for some reason, they all stood up and sang the national anthem.
After the final whistle, the stadium was empty just five minutes:



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