Fish Market in Tokyo

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We arrived in Tokyo in the evening. It settled in the hotel (it is a separate story), and agreed the next morning to go to the famous fish market in Tokyo. It is a huge area with its streets, along which there are endless shelves and catering establishments. But the main attraction is considered tuna auction. To catch the market is living a real life, and get to the auction, ordered a taxi at four in the morning. The auction begins at five.

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1. Hundreds of tuna carcasses are spread on the cement floor of the pavilion hefty. It's almost the same size, if calibrated.

2. Still on the ship they cut gills, tails cut and subjected to flash the deep freeze. So that they come on the market in the form of such ice torpedoes, each of which is numbered and provided with a label with information.

3. Buyers - restaurateurs and shopkeepers go with special sickles on sticks, make a notch at the tail, to shine a flashlight - check first whether the freshness of goods.

4. In the market of marine wonders spread in white Styrofoam box.


6. Counters stretch in all directions, as far as the eye can see.

7. And then there just is not! Marine reptiles of all colors and stripes.









16. What is striking in this space, filled from top to bottom fish and other perishable marine little animals, so it is a complete absence of unpleasant odors. It smells fresh and sea. How do they do it? At the same time, it does not smell moldy stuff, even in the yard where the height of a man dumped mountains of empty boxes from under the fish.

17. In the market and the surrounding streets door to door dozens of eateries for the locals. At six o'clock in the morning for many full work. Fresh fish pieces - sushi rolls, soups and all the other delights of Japanese cuisine is served in all schools. Each edalni a narrow gap with the counter, which was hosted chefs. For visitors is a narrow space along the rack.

In general, I must say that in these eateries, expensive, contrary to expectations. However, all food and drinks in Tokyo is quite expensive. So the soup in the canteen of the market for 2000 yen (something around 20 dollars at the time) do not have to wonder.



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