What do night posture during sleep

Pose in a dream, as opposed to gestures, facial expressions and speech, it is impossible to control, so this kind of analysis with the right approach to it will give the most accurate information about the identity of a person. Of course, you can give yourself falling asleep at the most majestic, in your opinion, posture (lotus posture or, for example, stand Hidden Tiger), but once you get into the arms of Morpheus, the entire raid majesty transformed into something formless and obscure. Do not try to fool yourself, the way a person sleeps, is directly connected with the style of his life. In this analysis, it should be subject to the basic posture, one in which people mostly asleep.
Stable relationship, build that you were not easy. Most likely, after the failure of the life experience, both partners think that happiness will be gone. And despite the fact that happiness is now in their hands, they live in fear of losing it.

So sleeping couples who are united by strong ties, but spend a lot of time alone. She can spend 10 hours on the job, and he - the night away with friends. And vice versa. Partners accept each other for what they have.

This position partners are spontaneous. Their faces are turned in different directions, but they are united by a strong bond. So sleep people with different temperaments and preferences. He - is low, it is - high. He likes solitude, it is - the company. But not all that bad.

Couples who sleep in this position, in love. But their views of the world are too different, so it is not safe to draw conclusions about the future of these relations. If the spouses are sleeping in this position, this indicates that they are protected from the outside world.

Such posture during sleep suggest that both are willing to live together ... and not on each other's nerves. Each partner has full rights. Both are willing to accept as a given the shortcomings of others.


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