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About how we were after rockets Sary-Shagan ...)))

Air Force Captain Timur Zhagiparov ustraivat often various events in the format of a press tour on aviation parts. Timur is a spokesman Commander of Air Defense Forces General Sorokin. This time he invited us to the range Sary Shagan, which hosted the missile firing, in international exercises "Combat Commonwealth 2011".

From Alma-Ata to Priozersk helicopter had to fly for two hours. First, the steppe, and then the bottom floats beautiful Balkhash.

Sary Shagan - a huge testing ground for the Soviet missile defense systems. In the 90 years of his little left. Now survivors of the field sites are located Kazakh Air Defense Forces and the Russian Space Forces units.

Campground, where all summer living Kazakh crews anti-aircraft missile troops.

... Away from his superiors ... closer to the kitchen ... tasty food in the field, and even poured ...!

Division anti-aircraft missile system C-300. Project 80's, but is still considered the worst air defense weapons. Night koshmariki American pilot. It would be the only one in Yugoslavia in '96, the NATO-vskie "Hornet" and "Rafa" have rained from the sky, like oranges ...

Camouflaged gun C-300. The package of four missiles at two volleys.

Here's a nice little gizmo. Right low-altitude detector. He sees even the cars going on the highway Almaty-Astana.

The legacy of the Union we got older, but still robust SAM C-75. They are used for training crews and "firing" of young lieutenants.

We also have a universal 125-s complexes. Can operate at air targets, and ground.

Fellow photographers near the C-75 guns. By the way, in a missile 60-year shot down a CIA pilot Francis Gary Powers, who invaded the Soviet Union, piloting high-altitude reconnaissance U-2's. His task was to "flare" of Soviet radar stations.

We settled on the parapet, at the minimum safe distance from the SAM, and waited for the shooting.

Then the fun began. First it launched the heaviest air defense missile, standing in service of the Kazakh Army. This C-200 air defense missile system. Scary weapons. The missile can hit targets at altitudes up to 20 kilometers in a radius of 250 miles. Its warhead is composed of 50 kilograms of RDX, which fused submunitions, a kind of ball bearing. Aerial goal after the explosion turns into small lumps. The same rocket Ukrainian anti-aircraft mistakenly shot down a Russian Tu-154 M, which fly from Tel Aviv to Novosibirsk. The wreckage fell into the Black Sea. When the bodies of dead passengers raised from the bottom, it turns out that they are literally larded balls. It happened October 4, 2001 ... almost 10 years have passed ...

And then a surprise for shooting comrades solid rocket boosters pushed to the hundred-meter height department. But the rocket boosters are not involved, and immediately triggered self-killer. However, a crew reacted with lightning speed and launched a second "two hundredth" ... By the way, the purpose of the simulator was a strategic bomber.

... Boom !!!

But the old 75th shooting without a hitch! The goal - a rocket-target "Saker Falcon" fighter simulator. Hypersonic speed. Targets produces special design and technological bureau "Granite", which is located in Alma-Ata on the street Rozybakiev.

Volley 125th complex.

Here is a land defeat air targets. Undermining warhead within a radius of 100 meters is its destruction (air wave + fragments).

75 I went!

Missile MD-20 simulator cruise missile, such as the Chinese "DF-21 D" and pindosovskogo "Tomahawk".

A target speed of 900-950 kilometers per hour, the transit time of just 40 seconds. Very difficult mishen.Tematika combat cruise missile was introduced in the combat training of Air Defense Forces of Kazakhstan recently. According to the generals - after they analyzed the latest NATO-vskie war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The production of these targets is also engaged in Kazakhstan SCTB "Granit".

End air raid ...

After the "debriefingĀ» ...

The missile arsenal, no rat not fit!

That's all. Thank you.

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