Wandering Roman Cat ...

Roman cat called Tommasini inherited 10 million euros. This was reported by Italian media on December 9.

The cat was wandering until he was taken to her Italian birth in 1917 Maria Assunta. She had no relatives, and in October 2009, the Italian bequeathed his entire estate - including apartment in Rome and Milan, the land in Calabria and bank accounts - cat Tommasini and other stray animals.

Maria Assunta died in late November 2011. The total amount of the inheritance of approximately 10 million euros.

Interestingly, dispose of income that went to a four Tommasini will be 48-year-old nurse Stefania, who took care of Maria Assunta in the last years of her life.

Note, previously considered the richest cat Blackie, received in 1988 from its British owner of 9 million pounds.

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