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The puppy has learned to bark every time feels that his little three-year mistress increases or decreases the level of blood sugar, and it needs to take the medicine.

The three-month puppy Cocker, Bonnie (Bonnie) both at home and on the street while walking is always close to the three-year Olivia-Mae Steed (Olivia-Mae Steed). The girl is sick with diabetes and puppy can smell her body to determine when it starts to change blood sugar levels.

When blood sugar is approaching dangerous, Bonnie begins by special whine, jump and bark and warns that Jody, the girl's mother. Jody vovr manages to give his daughter the next dose of insulin, and to save her from falling into a diabetic coma or even death.

-Bonnet amazing dog, says 24-year-old Jody - for our family it is like a priceless gift. Her age is very well suited for training and it is a very good job.

Jody had to check the level of sugar in the blood daughter of 24 times a day, until one day she saw a program about how the United States this unusual technique trained dogs. True specially prepared so the dog is not less than 12,500 pounds. For Jody it was a lot of money, and then she decided to try to buy a puppy and teach him to feel self-change in the level of sugar in the blood daughter.
On the Internet, Jodi read that sugar level can be checked through sweat, blood and skin release. Every time she gave Olivia-Mae insulin, she gave the puppy to smell the moisture from the skin of a child or a couple of drops of blood. Gradually, the puppy was trained to feel it without the help of Jodie and give a sign that your blood sugar begins to approach dangerous.



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