Baikonur - Russian portal into space

Maybe someone does not seem fair, but after the collapse of the Union the world's largest spaceport "Baikonur" is officially on the territory of Kazakhstan and Russia to lease until 2050 and invests in a complex about 5 billion rubles a year. Dualism of being literally permeates the entire city of Baikonur. There go two currencies, Kazakh and Russian. The order followed by two police and two criminals on trial court. In schools, children are taught by two standards.

Recently, at the meeting of the Russian Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan intergovernmental commission came first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. Discussed the most pressing issues - sharing the spaceport, and even the details and nuances of a new lease agreement, which in the future will replace the old one. The talks were held in a good atmosphere, and ended the fact that the missile was launched from the Baikonur "Proton-M". She helped to launch a satellite of Mexico - "Baikonur" is needed not only in Russia.


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