Computers for the little ones at the beginning of the 80's

The idea to start the production of personal computers emerged in the mid-1970s in the United States.
Then the vice-president of marketing, said he would resign if the year will be sold at least half a dozen "of these useless gizmos».
Now of course the whole world laughed at him, but when it was first released personalka Altair-8800 in 1975 by MITS, it was rather a toy for techies advanced than a useful device for the home.
But were the year began to appear a variety of computer games and educational programs for children.
Launched an advertising campaign to convince parents that the "computer - the best friend of the child" and the best way to grow it smart and educated.
Let's see how it all began!

"Instead of having to save for your children's education might be better to spend money on him»:

Unfortunately, in these brochures is no exact date. I believe that the beginning of the 1980s, and perhaps a little earlier. Tell me, who know the history of computers.

"Give a gift that will make your apple shine:

Play on words, of course.

"Software Plato makes serious training fun & quot ;:

"We provoke, amuse themselves, stimulate, delight, awaken, intriguing, excite»:

"The path to success Keyboard»:


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