I found a treasure in the sewer manhole (3 photos)

Cleaner named Lardzh found a real treasure.
The sewer hatch he found a watch brand Rolex, whose price is 21 000 euros.
The guy was very honest and brought the find to the police station.
A day later, he reappeared with a clock in his hands, in the same party, saying that he had found two more hours :)
The police shrugged, because the basis of lost or stolen goods, they are not registered,
and it is not clear how they ended up in the sewer.
Perhaps the theft was not reported, and the thief simply hid them in a secret compartment under the hatch.
The total value of the finds almost 60 000 euros, and if after 30 days the owner did not show up, Lardzh take them yourself.
According to the cleaner, even if he becomes the owner of these hours,
he will not throw his job because he gets pleasure from it :)


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