Chinese family living in the toilet (13 photos)

Many people who are not satisfied with their living conditions, it is necessary to look at a remarkable man from China.

Zeng Lingjun not have enough money to pay for college, so he moved to Shenyang - the largest city in northeastern China
and began working as a shoemaker.
First person earns 50 yuan ($ 8), but soon increased orders and he was earning about 2,000 yuan ($ 315) a month.
However, this was not enough to afford a decent apartment, so Zeng Lingjun moved into an abandoned toilet in one of the hotels.
Now he is married and has a young child. Family Lingjun live with him in the bathroom, in which a total of 19 square meters.
Zeng Lingjun already saved enough money to buy a normal room, but he can not part with her beloved heart toilet.


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