NASA hiding the truth from the earthlings about Mars

American researchers are faced with irrefutable proof of the existence of past or present remains of industrial civilization, says the professor, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Alexander Portnov.

The abundance of mysterious images from the Red Planet taken rover Curiosity, as well as information on the dosage buying ultramodern mobile station and the results
it almost six months' work on Mars, led experts to suggest that the American NASA experts carefully filtered all incoming information from the rover. And it is possible to hide the real sensational results of this work.

According to "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", Professor, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Alexander Portnov, it was assumed that Curiosity, hung with sophisticated scientific equipment, thoroughly examine the past of Mars, which will be first on Mars geological section of sedimentary strata. We will find numerous analyzes of minerals and rocks, new
data on the presence of water and the possibility of life. The program, designed for two years, provided a route length of approximately 22 km and even climb Mount Sharp height of 5, 5 km to the center of the crater Gale.

"But just a quarter of the scheduled time, and widely publicized news flow is absent. Can not be considered a "sensation" picture rounded pebbles in a dry riverbed of a small brook, as the US "Vikings" 40 years ago on Mars photographed grand river valley. In these dry valleys and pebbles and boulders, of course, are abundant, "- says the professor.

He does not believe porn sensation and well in the Martian soil to a depth of several centimeters. In particular, even the Soviet "honesty" drilled half a century ago the lunar soil (regolith) almost 30 cm. This core was delivered to the Soviet automatic stations, it is stored and analyzed in the Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry in Moscow, and was sent to the scientific laboratories in other countries.

Professor Portnov in connection with this hypothesizes: the Americans launched a new information policy, and actively "dark", hiding the really interesting findings. After all, the previous US probes and rovers has consistently reported the sensational details. It was discovered huge river valleys, grand volcanoes, gigantic gorge Mariner, different sedimentary and igneous rocks, the abundance of a rare mineral on Earth maghemite. Finally, on Mars were discovered clear signs of past life and artifacts that are very similar to man-made. Some of these objects were photograph NASA, of the lovers found with increasing small-scale and detail photos NASA.

Were handed pictures of mysterious objects, similar to a pyramid, rock paintings, "sculptures", the foundations of buildings, UFOs, pipelines, tunnels, the entrances to the bowels of the planet with the "door" and "hatches" road perchislyaet "finds" the author. They were transferred to the photo on which the artifacts were found, similar to the board, shell, skull lizards and even anthropoid skull. It would seem, for the final conclusions remained one step is needed a detailed chemical analysis. However, six months lasts information collapse. Rover as if blinded and lost analyzers.

Meanwhile, the first images transmitted by "curiosity", really were very curious, it reminds Portnov listing sensational photos and videos from the Red Planet, placed on the web. So, near the rover astronomomami-lovers were seen distinctive look old "shoes"; object like a sandal outsole, some serpentine wire, tube, covered with a green patina. On the horizon was visible mysterious dome in the sky over the mountains - a pair of moving UFO. These unexplained clearly manmade anomalous objects according to experts, "NG" even geological experts gave grounds to assume that the rover, sitting "directly in the trash," found on the Red Planet something that made NASA experts immediately classify more and more coming from Curiosity data .

confirm their hunches Professor Portnov leads accidentally discovered them on the Internet video of a moving "Kyuriositi." The frame was visible a small metal (brass?) Part, like a cover of the old inkwells with some marks on the edge; near the rover flashed oval shadow-like shapes
and size on the tray. Half an hour later the site disappeared from the World Wide Web.

Americans may not timely noticed this "man-made" information, because they are inundated with millions of high quality, but small-scale images of the surface of Mars, which simply do not have time to process. The most valuable "trifle" remains out of their sight - and it is successfully used by "amateurs", opening the enlarged pictures are real secrets of the Red Planet, the author suggests. And it concludes: American researchers are faced with irrefutable proof of the existence of past or present technological civilization rests. And I do not want to open them get free world.

As a confirmation of his hypothesis Portnov pays attention
the fact that the crater Gale selected for Mars rover landing alleged to compile geological section on Mount Sharp, is scheduled point technogenic dashed straight as an arrow, a mysterious road with flying (?) on her white "cars." These images NASA, taken from the American orbiter, can still be found on the Internet.

PS: About the photo: This Martian panorama appeared on one of the websites. But just 30 minutes later it was removed.



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