Restoration of icons for its curves ..

Spread your judgment about his post once bored hands :) Today, being a guest at Tiffany was loaded with a request to fix the frame on the icon, without thinking twice offered her fully bring in the divine form (sorry for kalambur- icon in the divine form), once a reservation Icon It poses no historical and artistic value (a simple way as a memory) - and such a thing had never before engaged :)
Will be 29 photos and a few describe the whole process!

This is in such poor condition was this work neizvetsnyh Romanian creators (bottom was small inscription on the Romanian-Sfintul Mariea si Isus * Sfîntul Maria Jesus soup *)

The first step to uninstall all rusty tin scenery

Soak all rusty tin in vinegar

While the decorations otkisayut took the frame itself (box icons)

Instead of using a drill to kratsovki screwdriver because of its small number of revolutions (frame box is simply quite dilapidated and pitted up and down and bark grinders)

A couple of pictures koroba- is such a tree structure turned out after processing

Photo 2

Photo 3

While I was playing with a frame with the help of his wife cutter carefully cut dilapidated and decayed edge of the image of the Virgin Mary with Child

Then it is of gilded cardboard pile neat frame and adjust it to the size of the image

Photo 2

Then the whole tin decor has severely treated kratsovochnoy brush

Compare 2 photos before and after otkisaniya in vinegar and brushing

Photo 2

All cracks and holes inside the box zasilikonil

While the silicone dries it's time to do paint tin decor (all pre-treated wife) -

3 color options were copper, gold and bronza- I stopped at the bronze (this color is most suited to the shades of the picture and his new cardboard frame)

While tin patterns dry, paint the entire box is opened alkyd varnish (color-Rosewood), a varnish of color emphasized the structure of wood and all the dilapidated box

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Well, on the whole not a complicated process of assembling the entire structure, hammer and shoe nails have helped me in this

Tomorrow will order more fully to close the window icon from the negative influence of external factors) (I hope now stand for 50 more years without problems)

Photo 1

That's all I wanted to say! You can pour komentami :)



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