How to upgrade the kitchen for 800 rubles

What did not find on the Internet, it is nonsense of course, but what is the approach.

So please welcome the new kitchen for the price of two meals at McDonald's.
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What we have:

Sad shit, kitchen "Helga" - warm greetings from the 80s. Learn coloring?

I think yes. This terrible, it seems the Polish version, if handled adroitly, by the way, and still slightly becomes loose in the loops that are not highly skewed. So, there is something to work with.

Here it is from (do not twist on the owners of the stylish kitchens and FOREM).


What is necessary now so that the mood has improved, and the idea is to lose weight for the summer a success?

Of course, it is well-chosen dzhipeg! Print it to a selfglue, issue price 400rubley (top + bottom 800 rubles.)

And, voila!

The main thing to choose the plot, and the value of design ideas grow significantly.

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Well, fun and bold, and interesting, and most importantly, for a slimming incentive not to sit down with them to eat))

That's all I wanted to say. Thank you. You can kick.



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