Mysterious Comet ISON and the US budget

Discussions about the upcoming comet ISON not cease for almost a month. Opinions diverge.

Some claim that the approaching us "mini solar system" that threaten the Earth, others believe that there is nothing to be afraid of earthlings - comet fly millions of miles away from our planet. Experts still do not know the exact size of the nucleus, so no one can predict the way to the end of this comet. Meanwhile, we lose the opportunity to learn fresh details about the comet ISON, at least for a time, until the US government to stop their work. Due to the inaction of the US budget NASA official site stopped working. Twitter NASA also will not be updated. But NASA is the primary agency for space exploration in the world. It was from there we get the information about the state space and possible threats. Strange that planning an armed invasion of Syria, the US president did not care much about the state of the country's budget (and military affairs - "pleasure" is not cheap), and 97% of workers NASA money even to pay was not, and they went on forced leave.


Meanwhile Comet ISON flew to Mars. But all the same reason the government collapse in the US research rover Curiosity also suspended. But that's not all. NASA has cut telescope Hubble, using photographs that make comets!

Perhaps the budget crisis - just an excuse for the powerful to hide from the general public about the real threat from outer space?
It is known that at a meeting of the National Press Club in Washington, DC at the end of August 2013 the resignation of the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano warned of the impending massive and serious cyber attacks on US and natural disasters, which the country has never seen.
And another interesting fact. The European Space Agency has its own spacecraft to explore Mars - «Mars-express», but from this department have been no pictures of Comet ISON when passing it around the red planet. Surprisingly, given that the comet ISON - uniquely event number 1 in the astronomical world, and the chance to see the comet was as close as it is with Mars. But at this point, American Curiosity and Hubble suspend work and «Mars-express» and "sabotaging" the largest study of comets, which is known as Earth. Maybe it works, but the resulting images of the public to see, according to the "elite" are not supposed to?

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