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Hello friends!

I decided to post the entire repair process 1k apartment of 46 square meters. m. apartment - new building. They made for themselves. The goal was - the most quality, but without any frills, and of course, the least expensive. E. To have all the qualities at the same time))). Why quality and cheap? Yes, because to do almost anything with his hands, the benefit-in-law professional in this business - test. They pay only assistant and ceiling lamp.

There is a lot of letters and photos.
So there you go!

1. Removed the tie in the hallway, kitchen and bathroom. We decided to do there heated floors. At the same time in the bathroom wall moved deeper into the water meter, and sank below the tee from the sewer riser. Who needs these steps behind the toilet and on the side of it?


3. Another decided to drown in the riser wall in the kitchen.


4. Also at the same time, decided to move the door to the hallway to the kitchen, he was in the middle, and a large kitchen to put failed. Incidentally, the walls of brick, which I was glad.



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