Russian created your Ferrari! Tagaz Aquila

Believe it - check, but before you a new domestic car. Meet - TagAz Aquila. The most detailed account of the novelty of the Taganrog plant, history, reviews of the owners, and finally the opinion of the team "Big test-drive" of the most extravagant projects of the Russian automotive industry - in our exclusive material.

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As usual, we express our gratitude to the owner of L'Aquila Timothy for the opportunity to be among the first to become intimately familiar with this car. Moreover, Timothy gave us contacts to other owners and garbage from the factory, which has helped us to more fully cover all the features of new items. Everything in order.

Until last year, the car brand TagAz was familiar to many in the production and sale of passenger and commercial vehicles under the brands «Tagaz», «Vortex», «Hyundai» and «BYD». "Aquila" during his short life has acquired many legends, touch on a few of them. In 2008, by the designers of the plant has been assembled prototype called "Vega", but immediately after that scandal with accusations of plant employees of industrial espionage: stolen, allegedly, drawings "Chevrolet Lacetti" and used them in the creation of the "Vega". The paradox is that it developed in the unit, located in Korea. Without going into details, let's say - is now the relationship with Korean suppliers established, it resumed production of components, though the car changed the name to "Aquila", and completely changed in appearance.

Looking ahead, we say that it is because of the owners so long have to wait for spare parts: they come not from the plant in Azov, since production is still limited, but with the addition of units in Korea (Delivery usually takes about a month). Initially, the body had only two doors, but at the request of the Russian side was "traditionally" four.

The main feature of "Aquila" - its design, which is based on space frame. The bottom line is that it is rigid skeleton, which with glue and screws fasten all the elements of the body (hence the considerable weight of cars - 1.4 tons). The body, in turn, fully fiberglass. Immediately it should be make a small reservation: the instance of the first series and the car is going by so-called "otvёrtochnoy assembly».

Appearance is certainly a trump card of the car. Red, low roof and rapid silhouette Aquila really reminds eminent supercar. First of all, the images float "crazy Italians" like Lamborghini or Ferrari. Thus designers of Tagaz managed not trivial to copy and create your image "explanation". Tastes differ, but in the presence of charisma and the fact that the car is stored, there is no doubt.

3. From the images move on to the mundane qualities of the car. Extravagant appearance and mainly in sports fairly low roof makes bend when boarding and alighting. The obvious shortcomings - thick A-pillars, coupled with small openings windows. This greatly impairs visibility, especially difficult to see pedestrians. Screws and self-tapping screws on the thresholds should not be afraid: if the assembly will not be small-scale, these nodes will look completely different.

4. Aperture tailgate impossibly narrow opening angle is clearly not enough to get there easily. While for the young and flexible - is fine!

5.Speredi buckets are covered with kozhzamom, color - according to the color of the body (which, incidentally four - there are still yellow, black and white). Adjustments are only two - the length and inclination of the backrest. The steering wheel is regulated only on height. You can find a comfortable position, but we have noted it is not the most convenient location of the pedals.


7. The rack itself is not melenky, the volume is 392 liters. But aperture exactly small. Once again, the appearance fee, although the positioning of the vehicle for young people, problems should arise: bags and sports bags vlezut perfect, and the quality of finish of the luggage compartment is quite decent.

8. Such a view opens from the back of the sofa. Stylish buckets in our opinion it is quite possible to replace the standard, and, even with a civil fit and not so pronounced lateral support.

9. The rear legroom of passengers can be called adequate, but over his head - like a typical sports coupe.

10. In the interior, in contrast to the exterior of the caller, all more than usual. While there are still complaints about the quality of materials and the assembly itself (in the video version of the test has good examples).

11. According to us one of the builders of these vehicles, the factory already is working on the interior wall and the use of different fabrics. While the interior considerably "crunches" while driving irregularities. And the problem with noise insulation also has: in the cabin after 60 kilometers per hour appears hum. And increasingly hear the sounds of the road surface: from the arches and, we feel, of a bottom

12. Now about pleasant. Firstly, a box. In our view, and it is marked by many owners, the transfer included very clearly. At the "L'Aquila" are boxes "Aisin-F5M41», that "birth" were placed on the Mitsubishi Colt 1996-2000 model years. Today, they are collected in China and put on cars «Geely». The first owners complained of problems with the cable box, change its warranty, and plant employees claim that are already working on fine-tuning this site.

13. The engine is also "good-old" 1.6-liter naturally aspirated "Mitsubishi" power of 107 hp This engine makes "Aquila" car "sporty appearance." If the look says sports-minded, the corresponding dynamics with this motor can not be achieved. Is it bad? For this purpose we take a close look at the price tag.

14. To date, the official price of the car TagAz L'Aquila is an average of 450 thousand rubles (according to one of the official dealers in Moscow). In a single configuration, there is one air bag, full power (with wiring, too, have problems more - in the video version of the test), ABS, air conditioning, 18-tidyuymovye alloy wheels. And yes, the car has passed the official crash tests, which once again confirms the fact that Aquila grew still stage of the project.

Though power and not enough moving car is very comfortable: this is largely due to the front suspension of the "McPherson" front and rack and pinion steering with hydraulic booster. Disc brakes "in a circle", the force is easy to predict.

15. In any case, the appearance of the plant and ongoing work on "Aquila" gives us reason to say that our auto industry may be pleasantly surprised. "Great test drive" sincerely wishes success and further development of the history of the model "L'Aquila". It is really amazing, memorable and gives hope that Russian cars can cause not only skepticism but also a healthy interest and sincere admiration.

P.S. «Aquila» translated from Latin as "Constellation of the Eagle." Well, happy flight you Aquila!

A detailed story about the car: as always with humor, a demonstration of the advantages and disadvantages and the important car owners.



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