Stars on invisible bikes - fun project without attribution

Group of creative young designers created a unique project called "Invisible bikes." Photos of people on bicycles are processed in Photoshop. Of course, there are pictures of celebrities.

British politician and journalist Boris Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jesse Eisenberg

Brad Pitt

Jared Leto

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The biggest success for the users of the resource - find a picture of a celebrity on the bike. However, do not stop, and the common people. Photos appear larger, and the most successful - the ones where people are in the most unimaginable positions. Because without the bike they look really funny.

Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan

Leonardo DiCaprio

Miley Cyrus

Matt Damon

Olivia Wilde

Russell Crowe

Robert Downey Jr.

If the paparazzi might and main try to emphasize that the star - the same people, they say, and ride bikes, and in general - very simple, like everything else, it is much more fun, if it turns out that the stars still others - sometimes levitate, for example.


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