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 - The most used mailbox is located in Chicago. His empty six times
in a day. It is located at the intersection of Madison and Halsted Street.

Herbert Hoover was the only US president (1929-1933), who left after
his reign less than employees in the White House than it was at the time of its entry

Newly hatched from eggs crocodile three times as long as the same eggs.

To say one word 72 muscles are utilized.

At birth, the baby's head is a quarter of the total weight.

San Salvador is the only country in the world where for driving
drunk the death penalty: shooting.

In 1841 in Mexico, the soap was in such short supply, and the cost is so expensive that the following
function of money.

To produce one pound turkey takes three pounds of feed,
about to produce one pound of beef requires seven pounds of food already.

The average American is brushing his teeth in his entire life and forty four thousand times.

An inexperienced rider experiencing nausea is not due to the peculiarities of swaying
gait of a camel, and of the smell coming from the animal.

Dairy cows in my whole life "produces" four times as much manure,
than its own weight.

The index finger is the most sensitive human finger.

The famous English physician believes that a large amount of vitamin C and honey is neutralized
hangover. In South Dakota, there is a known Indian village - Nii Wounded Knee (Wounded Knee).
Next to it is another - Spreynd Enkl ("stretch" the ankle).

Sixteen states snoring husband is sufficient legal grounds for divorce.

The most common children's game in the world is a game of "hide and seek».

The most common name of the city in the United States - Salem.

In Chicago, a woman driver can be fined if one of her eyes closed hair
or hat.

The height of a horse is measured "hand" (palms). One "hand" is equal to 10, 16 cm.

Annually termites destroy five times more homes than fires.

Language blue (some sources say blue) whale weighs more than the average

Worn paper money in the United States do not burn for environmental reasons, and crushed

Red-haired woman is almost bald.

The minute hand of the clock of Big Ben in London, more than 3, 3 m long.

For many years there was a tradition among the Chinese shooting glasses when talking to chief
or for senior positions.

The law prohibits to make cakes in the shape of the White House.

1. It is impossible to lick your own elbow.
2. During the life of a person accidentally ingests an average of 70
3. Men umbilical cavity collected in 2, 5 times more waste,
than women.
4. The curtain in the shower always bends inward.
5. Over a lifetime, a person emits an amount of gas, which
indoors leads to suffocation.
6. The average man thinks about sex at least 7 times per day.
7. The ant is able to lift a 150 times its
own weight.
8. Elephants - the only animals in the world (except humans) that
sex for pleasure.
9. 75% have read the information trying to lick your own elbow.

C Every year the world gets 80 million more people.

Two out of five people on the planet live on less than 100 km from the coast.

Oil provides 40 percent of the energy, but two-thirds of proven reserves

It belongs to the five countries of the Persian Gulf.

Nearly 10 percent of the land occupied by nature reserves and parks.

Every third person a fish eaten grown on a special farm. 90
percent of them - in China.

The average resident of one of the 30 poorest countries in the world in the day to drink as much
Water, as we descend into the sewer of the toilet tank at a time.

In Nairobi, Kenya Kibera slum dwellers pay for water in parts
The four times greater than the Americans.

In the Czech city of Brno 40,000 streetlights.

James Hilton described in his novel "Lost Horizon" (1933) mythical
to Shangri-La. But the Chinese government has made fiction in
reality. In 2001, the city of Zhongdian in Yunnan province won 12
Other cities in the struggle for the right to be called Shangri-La. The authorities intend to
invest in the future paradise for tourists about ten billion dollars.

Marais (marais means "swamp"), Quarter of Paris on the right bank of the Seine,
It occupies 125 hectares.

Three hundred and three cocktail straws stuffed in his mouth 27-year-old Indian
on behalf of the Trimurti. Thereby surpassing the performance of the Swiss Marco Horta in
fall which put on 93 straws less. Setting records,
which are recorded in the Book of Guinness, Mr Trimurti regularly
He earns his living, increasing their well-being. The spectrum of his
interest is very, very wide. For example, previous achievement was the Trimurti
Standard postcard, on which it is appropriate message from the 44 thousand
letters in Hindi.
"Alphabet» N4, 2003

Medical authorities in India, responsible for planning the family decided to go to
an unprecedented step, to limit the birth rate. From now on, every man,
has agreed to a vasectomy (surgery, making it permanently incapable
conceive a child), will receive a bicycle cost about $ 35.
The population of India, to date more than a billion people, each
year increased by 20 million.
"Evening Club» N4, 2003

British doctors found that half an hour of sexual intercourse is accompanied
the same power consumption as running five kilometers. But only 42% of people
thereafter drink water, which leads to dehydration.
"Version» N4, 2003

For one coat kill:
40-80 sables, 20 beavers, 20 foxes, 25 otters, minks 55, 100-400 protein, 27
raccoons, 5 wolves, seals 8, 60 marten, lynx 15, 100-170 chinchillas, 50
ferrets, badgers 11, 18 dogs, 25 cats, 30 rabbits royal, 9
beavers, muskrats 30, 27 raccoons, 25 skunks, weasels 125, 30 opossums ...


1. No known species of reindeer can fly. But there
300,000 species of living organisms yet to be classified, however
most of these are insects and micro-organisms, but this does not exclude
full flying reindeer, which only saw
2. The earth has 2 billion. Children (those who are under 18). But Santa comes
only to Catholics, so let's exclude from the list of Muslims, Jews,
Buddhists and Hare Krishnas, t. E. The remaining 15% of the total - 378mln.
according to statistics. On average, according to the same statistics, family
accounts for 3, 5 children - is 91, 8 million. houses. And in each allegedly
have at least one child who is well behaved.
3. Assuming that Santa travels east to west, it
working day lasts 31 hours, thanks to time zones and the rotation of the Earth. Receive
discharges a 822, 6 in the second visit. This means that on each visit to the Catholic
eskoy family with a good child, Santa has 1/1000 of a second. During this time he
a. deer park,
b. get out of the sleigh,
c. jump into the chimney,
d. cram into socks gifts,
e. distribute the rest under the tree,
f. eat food, which he left
g. get out of the chimney,
h. climb into the sleigh and go to the next house.
1) Suppose the 91, 8 million. Stops are evenly distributed
surface of the earth, as we know, is not true, but
perfect for our calculations. So now we have 1, 15 km between
every house, a common way of about 113, 25 million. km, excluding
stops that we usually do at least once every 31 hours to eat and
t. d. This means that Santa sled move with speed 970 km / sec in this
3000 times the speed of sound. For comparison, the fastest mechanism
created by man: the space probe Ulysses, dragged at a speed of 40 km /
s, and the usual, not migratory deer runs at a speed of 25 km / h and then, if
it strongly scare.
2) The payload on the sleigh adds another interesting element. Assume that
Every child receives a gift default constructor lego (about 1
kg), the sleigh is 321 300 tons of cargo, not counting Santa, who is usually
described as overweight. On land, conventional reindeer can pull no more than 150
kg. Even if flying deer can move 10 times, we will not
we can complete the task by using eight or even nine
deer. We need 214,200 reindeer. This increases the total weight of the sled
up to 353 430 tons.
3) 353 000 tonnes, 970 flying at speeds of km / sec, under enormous
air resistance, because of which the team warms up as space
Ship entering the earth's atmosphere. The first two reindeer will absorb
14 QUINTILLION 3 joules of energy. Each. Per second. In short, they will burn
almost instantaneously, as well as deer them, thus will
be deafening explosions. The entire reindeer team will turn to ashes for
4, 26 thousandths of a second. Meanwhile, at the Santo will act
Centrifugal forces at 17 500 06 greater than the force of gravity. Santa weighing
120 kg (which is ridiculously small for this type of well-fed) is pinned to
the back of his sleigh by 2,000,000. kg.
Conclusion. If Santa Claus is alive, he's dead ...


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