3 screens

A man came to Socrates and asked:
- You know what I said about you is your friend?
- Wait - stopped him Socrates. - Ask first what is going to say three screens.
- Three sieves?
- Before you say anything, you need to sift through it three times. Firstly, through a sieve truth. Are you sure that what you say is true?
- No. I just heard ...
- Very good. So, you do not know whether it's true or not. Then proseem through a second screen - a screen goodness. You want to say about my friend something good?
- No! On the contrary!
- So, - said Socrates - are you going to say about it is something bad, but not even sure that's true. Let's try the third sieve - good mesh. Is it really necessary for me to hear what you want to tell?
- No, this is not necessary.
- So, - he concluded Socrates - that you want to say, no kindness, no benefits, no need. Then why say it?


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