The world's largest container ship Emma Maersk (22 photos)

Features Emma Maersk:
Capacity of 11,000 TEU,
Length of 397 meters
Width of 56 meters
30 meters of sediment
14-cylinder diesel Wartsila, power 110000 IRR, or 80,000 kW, 102 rpm. Fuel tanks are located inside the enclosure to reduce the risk of spills in the event of an accident. 4 thrusters, two in the bow and stern.
BMO and holds set 8000 sensors, information from which is sent to the computer center, located in the CPU of the engine room. Ponlostyu Center monitors the status of the ship. Remote monitor center located on the bridge and in the center of cargo operations.
Emma Maersk takes on board up to 1,000 40-foot refs. Containers designed for mounting special attachment providing fast operation.



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