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Lijiang Old Town is a maze of narrow streets, cobblestone, and channels, interwoven markets, shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, tea houses. It is home to a small Naxi people, who settled in this area about 800 years ago and is considered to be descendants of Tibetan nomads. Nasi created their own writing system based on unique icons. Their mysterious culture called Dongba symbols and based on witchcraft and shamanism. According to legend, the founder of the religion dunbaobladal supernatural powers abilities, and defeated the monster, so nasi - famous all over China healers.
Lijiang is famous for its gutter system, which is incredibly light for its time, and is valid until today. Citizens create a three-stage dam: the water that accumulates in the upper part - for drinking, in the middle - for washing fruits and vegetables, and the bottom - for washing. On the area of ​​the old city during the day ethnic Naxi woman dancing in traditional costumes very respectable age. And they do it not for tourists, but in their heart.

May 2009

Old Town - the only one in China, which has never been surrounded by a wall

Channel the old town

Against the background of the mountain jade dragon (5596 m)

Breathing early morning


Incipient day


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