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Turns, service may be not only a dog. Cats, which are all accustomed to thinking of either as idlers and sybarite or as brave rat-catchers, too, can perform quite a difficult job, and hold positions of responsibility. Here are some of the "business" of cats.

1. Millie - guard


The workers of one of the warehouses of the English Toy Bandai decided not just to shelter stray Bengal cat and give it a real job. Now it has the official status of the Milli guard and gets a fee for their services in the form of food and bed. To the official duties of the Milli very seriously all the time, free from food and from sleep devotes work.

2. Kettsel - composer


Songwriter Kettselya recognized not only adores his master - pianist Morris Moshe Kotel, is also the co-author of an amazing cat. Morris recorded a particularly successful in his view the melody that was playing a cat, walking on the piano keyboard, and presented it at the Paris Music Competition. As a result, the prize went to Kettselyu. The match was completely honest, because the judge found that the author tunes cat, only after the victory was awarded.

3. Russik - a fighter against poachers


In 2003, the Stavropol police took at the service of a cat named Russik, has an amazing ability to sniff out and indicate the poachers involved in illegal fishing of sturgeon. Russik so much closely smugglers that those eventually ambushed her car and got killed.

4. Kuzma - Assistant librarian


This unusual assistant librarian for their services in the form of a patch receives 30 packets of cat food per month.

5. Postal cats in Belgium


For the first time the position of the cat appeared in the 70s of last century, when Liege in the Belgian village of about 40 specially trained cats, teaching them how to deliver mail to their homes. Seized of the Belgian Society Elevation domestic cats. The newspapers appeared even at the expense of sharpness "criminal class dogs" that can prevent cats displace people, postmen. In the end, and "criminal dog" and independent nature of cats and themselves gave this idea is not something that spread around the world, but even across a small Belgium.

6. Mr. Bigglsuort - Actor


Colorful bald sphinx audience from the film about the adventures of Austin Powers, in real life, also named Mr. Bigglsuort. Côte much removed and feels good in the status of a movie star.

7. Felichette - cosmonaut


Felichette - this is the first French astronaut cat. October 18, 1963 Mr. she made space travel rocket Veronique AG1. The flight was at an altitude of 97 miles, and return to Earth was successful. In preparation for the flight Felichette beat 14 other competitors in the caudate and received an honorary position.

8. Oscar - comforter dying


Oscar works in a US nursing homes. He correctly identifies that person left to live for several hours, and sit on his lap, as if to say goodbye. Predictions cat so accurate that saw Oscar at the bedside of the patient, the staff immediately sent a message to relatives.

9. Ivory CIA spy


In the 60-ies of the last century, the CIA actually took the cat spy. Cat had to endure the most complicated operation to implant a microphone listening device into the ear canal. Training a cat cost taxpayers $ 20 million, and training and medical manipulations spent several years. When finally everything was ready, the cat spy who was to provide the opportunity to freely eavesdrop on important conversations, was released from the van disguised as an ordinary reconnaissance vehicle CIA. Cat began to run across the road to get to the place of their mission, but before he could make a few steps, his car struck and killed a taxi driver normal.

10. Stubbs - Mayor


Stubbs very successfully for a full 16 years, served as mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska. His reign was full of dramatic moments and even assassinations. Once the cat fired from airguns teenage hooliganism, and in August 2013 he caused serious injuries dog. But these dangers are not forced to ask for the resignation of a cat, and he continues to hold positions of responsibility.

In 2012, inspired by the example of Stubbs the cat from Maine coon named Hank run for the Senate of Virginia. During the election campaign, Hank scored 7,000 votes, and the other badly frayed nerves, bipedal, applicants.

11. Larry - Chief Mouser UK


Position Larry unusual call, in fact, impossible. He is, as befits the cat catches mice. At the service of the British government is a 100,000-Mouser cats. But Larry - the most important. He lives in the prime minister's residence in Downing Street, 10. We can not say that the career of Larry develops flawless. He was criticized in the habit of sleeping on the job. It falls into the lenses of the paparazzi during his amorous adventures. He even fired for that, as the report on the work he was able to submit only one mouse.

12. Tama - stationmaster


When Tam was appointed superintendent of the railway station in Wakayama (Japan), the number of passengers suddenly grow by as much as 10%. The increase is almost 2, 1 million passengers a year, which brings the treasury an additional 1.1 billion yen (approximately US $ 11 million). The railroad did not elicit from Tama its trade secrets, but simply raised her in the position of making the world's first cat - the official head of the railway. In Tama even has two assistants, who are also cats.


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