20 interesting facts about jewelry

Throughout history, people wore, sold and attached great importance to precious metals, rare gems and jewelry. But even if you consider yourself an expert in matters related to them, perhaps in this issue you will find some new facts that will surprise you.

1. The weight of the largest pearl found in the wild, which is called the pearl of Allah or the Pearl of Lao Tzu, is 6, 3 kg.

2. A collection of jewels of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is estimated at $ 57 million

3. Diamond "Heart of the Ocean" from the movie "Titanic" James Cameron was not fully artistic fiction. On that fateful night the Titanic sank with a fairly large sapphire.

4. All diamonds over a long period of time transformed into graphite.

5. Although diamond is considered the hardest substance in nature, were created synthetic nanomaterials, which are much harder than diamond.

6. Although the high hardness of diamond, it is fragile. If you hit it with a hammer, it will break.

7. Wedding rings have been declared mandatory for marriage by Pope Nicholas I in 860 AD

8. Opals are 30 percent consist of water.

9. The Emeralds of very high quality are considered more valuable than diamonds.

10. Pure gold is always yellow, and changes color only when it is added to other metals.

11. One of the largest sapphires is called the "Star of Asia", and is now in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

12. All the gold that was mined in the history of the world, you can squeeze in a 16-meter cube.

13. In the oceans is about 10 billion tons of gold.

14. Pearl is formed only in 1 out of 10,000 oysters.

15. Only one in a million diamonds mined becomes a piece of jewelry.

16. Age of diamonds is more than 3 billion years.

17. The most expensive jewelry created for the movie, it was a necklace heroine Nicole Kidman for the film "Moulin Rouge". Its price was $ 1 million.

18. All 12 stones, corresponding to each month of birth, place of the 12 tribes of Israel.

19. The wedding ring is worn on the ring finger, as it is believed that there passes Vienna, which goes to the heart.

20. After many millions of years the sun will turn into one big diamond star.



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