Cost: 55,000 dollars per gram. colorless stone can cost more than 11 thousand dollars per carat, and colored diamonds are much more expensive. Diamond (from the French. Brillant - brilliant) - diamond, which by treatment with specially shaped, as much as possible to identify its natural shine. Diamonds are graded according to the "4 C»: cut (cut), clarity (purity), color (color) and carat (weight in carats), which allows you to determine how the stone is close to perfection. The most common today is the round diamond with 17 and 57 faces. For small diamonds weighing not more than 0, 03 carats, along with 57 facets cut faceting used by 17 facets. Apply facet 57 faces began in the XVII century, but only in the beginning of the XX century with the help of theoretical calculations that take into account all the physical and optical properties of diamond, were withdrawn ideal proportions of cut, designed to achieve maximum brilliance and limit the play of light inside the stone. This facet became known as real or ideal, it on top of the diamond for 33 and 24 on the bottom edge.


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