Zaporozhye Cossacks

We are all in school history class, we studied the historical fact of how Zaporozhye Cossacks writing a letter to the Turkish sultan. So Well it was written in this letter? I bring to your attention the original of this famous letter.


famous picture of how Zaporozhye Cossacks writing a response to the Turkish sultan. (located in the State Historical Museum of the city of Dnepropetrovsk)


Here is the letter itself.

Text translated into Russian:

The letter is written on the answer:
OFFER Mohammed's IV-th.

I, Sultan, son of Mohammed, the brother of the sun and moon, the grandson and viceroy of God, the owner of the kingdoms of Macedonia, Babylon, Jerusalem, the Great and Lesser Egypt, the king of kings, lord of lords, extraordinary knight, anyone invincible warrior, relentless guardian of the Holy Sepulchre, trustee of God, hope and comfort to Muslims, embarrassment and a great defender of Christians - I command you, Zaporozhye Cossacks, I voluntarily surrender without any resistance, and I do not make your attacks to worry about & quot ;.
Turkish Sultan Mohammed IV

Well sostvenno answer:

"Zaporizhzhya Cossacks to the Turkish Sultan! Tee, the sultan, turkish devil, i damned devil's brother i comrade of Lyutseperya secretary. Yakiy lytsar devil are you, if not a bare asshole Ezhak vbesh. Vysirae devil, and your viysko devoured. Do not be you, you sukin son syniv hristiyanskih pid a mat, your viyska boimos we do not, we will water the earth i bitisya with You, strife # used your mother. Vavilonsky you Kuhar, Makidonsky wheelwright, Ierusalimsky bravirnik, Aleksandriysky Kozolup, Great and Little Egypt Svinarov, Armyanska zlodiyuka, Tatarsky Sagaidak, Kamenetskii cat, i have vsogo svitu pidsvitu blazen, gaspida of our grandson and I $ x hook. The pig face you, asshole kobylyacha, riznitska dog nehrescheny forehead unto thy mother # b. From the so-tobi zaporozhtsi vickazali, plyugavche. You will not be ti i hristianskih pigs graze. Konchaemo Now, more i do not know the number of the calendar does not Maemo, misyats have nebi year at knyzi, and the day we Taqiy, yaky i you for tse kiss our asshole!

Pidpisali: ataman Ivan Sirko Zo vsim Zaporozhskim Kosh ยป

Russian-Ukrainian dictionary

Lyutseper - Lucifer (the devil).
Lytsar - Knight.
Asshole - the back part of the body.
Ezhak - hedgehog.
Vbesh - kill.
Vysirae - empties the stomach.
Mats - have.
Boimos - fear.
Kuhar - mediocre cook.
Kolesnik - chatterbox.
Bravirnik - bouncer.
Kozolup - castrated goat.
Svinarov - Shepherd pigs.
Zlodiyuka - zlodeische.
Sagaidak - steppe animals.
Cat - the executioner.
Blazen - moron.
Gaspid - harmful snake.
Riznitska dog - dog biting.
Plyugavche - shabby, worthless.
Kosh - a division of troops.


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