Best Cities for Life

This top ten cities to live in, according to all of the same organization «Economist Intelligence Unit». Parameters to determine the winners of the ten are the same as for the definition of the worst cities in the world, namely, the level of crime, the threat of conflict, quality of health care, the level of censorship, the air temperature, the quality of educational institutions and transport system. List also presented in descending order - at the 10th city photos, won first place.

10th place. Auckland, New Zealand. He received a rating of 95, 7 points out of 100. (imagebroker / Alamy)

9th place. Perth, Australia. 95, 9 points. (Michael Willis / Alamy)

8th place. Helsinki, Finland. 96, 0 points. (Tetra Images / Alamy)

7th place. Sydney, Australia. 96, 1 ​​points. (Andreas Athitakis / Alamy)

6th place. Adelaide, Australia. 96, six points. (Hemis / Alamy)

5th place. Calgary, Canada. 96, six points. (Design Pics Inc. / Alamy)

4th place. Toronto, Canada. 97, 2 points. (Torontonian / Alamy)

3rd place. Vancouver, Canada. 97, 3 points. (Stefano Politi Markovina / Alamy)

2nd place. Vienna, Austria. 97, four points. (travelstock44 / Alamy)

1st place. And the best city on earth found in Melbourne, Australia. He received the highest number of points - 97, 5 out of 100. (Philip Game / Alamy)


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