Marketers shamans

Meet, this is the usual liter carton of milk: Checking for care: there is 900 grams. Near several on 950. But the package can be seen as a liter. Checking on the knowledge of physics. Nearby lies like yogurt. Volume is measured in milliliters, weight - in grams. Density of yogurt tragically higher than the density of water. That is 900 grams of yogurt 3, 2% fat - about 874, 5 milliliters.

The second patient
25-year warranty. Cool, is not it? There is one problem. It is necessary to keep a check. Check again, to the knowledge of physics. Check them printed on plain cash Thermo (I checked on the spot). In my office is a lot of checks. We kserokopiruem them, because in a year or two they fade completely. The oldest check, which saw a colleague stayed 3 years in a folder in the archive. So how many years of warranty?

"Now without asbestos»

On the product can indicate something very obvious that you forgot to write competitors. Here are cholesterol-free oil operator of biological illiteracy buyer.
And without nuclear waste. It is strange that this is not indicated on the label.
Check for biochemistry: cholesterol in vegetable oil simply can not be. But it is necessary to write.

Another example - a sausage without soy. Very roughly speaking, if you do not make them out of meat, it remains only two choices - either soy texturate fat emulsion. So, for those without texturate, it is logical to write that they are without soy. The fact that the buyer may decide that this statement is identical to the statement "from the normal meat».


You can masquerade as a well-known class of goods. For example, there are margarine, butter and there. Suffice it to issue margarine as butter and write on it or the word "oil" or the word "margarine". Oppa, it is we?
Firstly, coloring rate. Straight oil leaking out, huh? Second, note the name - you guess it only the third attempt (it is on the price tag). The genus name is very important. Third, the price tag itself. Relatively recently changed standards, and on the price tag made about the type of product - in this case, not oil spread. But that's the law, are obliged to keep butter and margarine on different shelves, somehow did not work.

Here is a specific example of mimicry: a bunch of chocolates product zatasovyvaetsya own store brand (if it was not the STM, it would be put separately):

Tile confectionery with no added cocoa with chocolate shelf on the left and the right.

Carefully read the composition

Let's move on to a deft movements with components.

Caviar. The word "delicacy" or non-binding. Well, all of a sudden someone loves potatoes more than eggs, right? Caviar because inside still is. A capelin on the lid accidentally forgotten, probably.

"No preservatives" - but citric acid in the composition. The fact that this thing at the same time and flavor, and acidity regulator, and a pretty strong preservative. If it is classified as part of a class of acidity regulators, preservatives then magically disappear from the composition. Miracle!

I've always been mad wondering who these here young bulls at this price. Well, I learned.

It seems that "based on" - a "natural right of them." I'm certainly not special, but judging by the components, there are few bumps, but there is a familiar Sodium Laureth Sulfate and some elegantly called Aqua. Sodium lauryl sulfate - a powerful cleaning properties, which, according to the wiki, at the same time can be a powerful allergen. And the finishing touch - seems to stimulate hair growth vitamin B6, not the tool itself - well, judging by the packaging. Pro Vitamin prove it is not necessary. So what that the rest are not signed?

But the good old crab sticks. And even though they are not of the crab (what seems to be known for all), the manufacturer still warns on the packaging that they fish:

Names and terms

Now let's go buy water. If you get into the classification, it becomes clear that we are primarily interested in a certain standard of the word "room" - is this water that can be used every day a healthy person without any restrictions. Note that it is different from drinking. Drinking can drink and dining room - a subset of drinking, drinking this, you can drink every day, and you for it will be nothing. Well, there is "medical-table" that you can drink almost as often, if not fanatet.

Another dining room. They write behind without unnecessary showing off (well, considering the price - it is understandable).

Too good, but it alone is not worth living consecutive year.

And this is a talent marketer. The word "real" is not described in the standard, but it sounds cool.

Children's water? What is it? A study has water?

Guests and names

During this tour examples have been found. I remember that I came across a beer with guests at the water treatment on the label, plus candy, which was written in large letters "Natural products" on the front. On the back turned out to be of "natural product".

Read by an asterisk

Girl drags me in makeup something to show:
Correctly read as: & quot; (Deep Power) and (humidification) & quot ;. Moisturize quite shallow. Thus, only the surface of the skin. But among the target audience not programmers.

But about this I do not think so. Let us again: They promised me visible results in two weeks. How do they check? Wash head like that thing and focus attention, yet one other thing. And these two things together have a noticeable result. Almost perfect logic.

Reading the footnotes was very exciting. Here is an example of the products:

Operation laziness

Here's a perfect example of aggressive exploitation of laziness. Packed expensive carrot top, but if you discard packets 5-6, you can see the usual. I knew what to look for, because I needed a couple of carrots, but not immediately pack.


Photography offer terminal arrow I pririsoval to draw attention to one of the items. Fill up balance? Catch advertising.


Three times I was buying goods more expensive because it was under the pricelist from another cheaper. The most glaring example - "confuse" the price tags on the large jar and a small green peas. As part of the campaign could not find an example.

But here's a version of the cooler.

Point fast kormёzhki. Look at the picture:

See the catch? Here a pancake, there cake ... It's okay, right? But there is a caveat. Push your vision:

Here are some of the different things I hate some marketers.


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