Jokes and poems

Little son to the father came
And she said pipsqueak:
 - Right now would be a woman well ...
 - Yes, my son, not bad.

As I see Marinka
The heart beats on his pants!

If you want to be a soldier,
Dean cursed obscenities.

Russian tourist resorts in the gendarmerie.
 - There you have sex under the bridge!
 - You know, this is France, loose morals.
 - Yes, but with the body ?!
The police run away and in 5 minutes:
 - Do not worry, sir, it is not the body, is an Englishwoman.

 - Well, here are children, and you on the Gates!

Two hard workers are sitting in the lobby of a large office, have a smoke like an hour.
They fit guy in a suit.
 - Why can not I?
They told him:
 - Who are you?
 - I am a top manager of the company!
 - Top manager? - Well, from here and stomp fuck!

Alcohol certainly has, and remote action. Example:
I bought a bottle of vodka, has not drunk, and the mood has improved ...

Why the plane fell in Greece?
All overeat toffee Meller!

 - Honey, where have you been?
 - You fucked.
 - Strangely, T-shirt is dry and does not smell.
 - And you look at her!


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