Found the remains of the largest fossil penguin

Journal Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology published an article about the opening of scientists, which tells about the biggest fossil penguin from all currently known.

The remains were found in New Zealand, according to experts, and their age is about 24-27 million years. The adult has reached 1, 3 meters high, and its weight can reach up to 60 kg (weight of emperor penguin does not exceed 40 kg).

Penguin named Kairuku grebneffi (Kairuku Maori - "diver"). For the first time a special kind Kairuku remains were found in the 70-ies of the last century, but only now, scientists were able to isolate specific species and restore their appearance.

As for diet, the researchers believe that the main food of penguins are fish and squid. Themselves penguins, despite its size, can be food for the ancient sharks and dolphins, as indicated by the structure of their teeth.


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