Shards of ice on the eve of Christmas

Pusha-Vodice. A wonderful pre-Christmas day. Merry Company decides to drink beer on the lake. Bought beer, bought a beer. Located, use, therefore.
And across the lake spanned a pretty cheap popular bridge. And there on the bridge of a certain subject. A poet once described such as follows:
He was devalued growth
With a face like a flint
Dressed simply and decisively
Panties, galoshes and a belt
Galoshes, however, on the character was not, but was available for worn-out shoes and thong Soviet model, ie, with pureed in the area of ​​the knee. This phenomenon was accompanied by two ladies who carried his clothes ... Well, where do you release this handsome unaccompanied.
Handsome, it seems decided to give their final battle. So, he goes to the bridge, makes a couple of puffs artistry, throws a cigarette and climbs over the railing.
And I must say that the surface is slightly frost, but the morning was rain and ice, in general, it is not noticeable. Already in this state, so for sure.
Meanwhile jumper grouped into a compact position, colloquially referred to as "bombs", starts from the bridge and fly towards the unknown.
... Contact with the surface to be very beautiful, if somewhat unexpected for leaping. Shards of ice mixed with splashes of water fun geyser shot up above the surface of the lake.
The people on the shore lay down. Attempt to put a stop to get vynyrnuvshy, start, Aki icebreaker wade to shore. On the shore lay down again and tried to get longer. Strength exhausted.
But the most offensive of the stunning leap was the reaction accompanying diver ladies. The incident did not impress them so that they threw the clothes jumper and contemptuously retired to the forest.


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