Mexican scientists have unraveled the true "message" of the Maya

The conference at the National Archaeological Museum of Mexican scientists said that, according to him, the ancient Maya predicted the end is not light in December of this year - on the contrary, they predicted the world thousands of years of existence.

Recall that the first hypothesis about the possible end of the world came after deciphering hieroglyphics found in the archaeological area "Tortuguero" (State of Tabasco, southeastern Mexico). According to Eric Velasquez, a specialist in Mayan heritage and traditions, there it was just about the end of the next cycle of the calendar, but not about the apocalypse.

Velasquez also said that the mention of December 2012, there are only one of many ancient texts. As for the other inscriptions, there appear the dates relevant to the much more distant future.

Recall that in the past month, another group of scientists has also denied the theory of doomsday. This was done after deciphering of the ancient Mayan calendar astronomical dating back to IX century AD.


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