Most of the Olympic Games in Sochi behind.

Most of the Olympic Games in Sochi behind. Some of the athletes have received medals, some even had time to go home, but someone still preparing for their competitions. About what they do Olympians, in addition to direct participation in sports.

Gus Kenworthy Sloupstaylist "adopt" Sochi homeless puppies and wants to try to take them with them to America.

Norwegian snowboarder Silje Norendal called luck, crossing his fingers.

A Jamaican bobsledder Marvin Dixon - kissing "happy egg».

Veronica Korsunova, our wonderful ski acrobat

American skiers, who took the whole podium in slopestyle - Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy and Nicholas Gepper - glad your image on a pack of oatmeal Kellogg's.

British snowboarder Billy Morgan rejoiced free McDonalds.

But freestyler Bo-James Wells from New Zealand, it seems, is not very ...

The French made their biathlete Anna Chevalier giving away free hugs in honor of her 21st birthday.

Snowboarders from the US to sort things out. Of course, a joke.

Speed ​​skater Irene Wust of the Netherlands strongly compromised his roommate Kuhn Verwey.

And met on Valentine's Day in the image of the Red Queen.

Skiers and Jacqui Alexander Mohbat Chamond, together representing Lebanon, photographed against the backdrop of the mountains of Sochi.

Just like Hannah Teter, American snowboarder.

Our skaters acquainted with Nadezhda Babkin ...

And Xzibit, who somehow came to perform in Sochi.

A skier Julia Mansuno from the US at this time familiar with our skaters.

Snoubrdistka Australian Torah Bright took the ice bath in a dumpster.

A snowboarder Jamie Nicholls from the UK - on the balcony.

Australian bobsleigh made advances in the study of the Russian language.

Sugar skater Todd gladly take beautiful sunsets over the Black Sea.

Canadian skier-fristaylistka Justine Dufour-Lapointe was photographed with his gold medal.

Akito Watabe Japanese competed in nordic combined with silver.

And Fedor Mezentsev, skater from Kazakhstan, just photographed.

American snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg befriends chorus MIA.

A skier Julia Mancuso - with the Sochi Cossacks.

Ivan Skobrev with her son for lunch adopted the experience of Dutch colleagues - leaders in the standings medallion speed skating at the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Sloupstaylist skier Russ Henshaw from Australia wore on his hands his girlfriend.

A Briton James Woods - fristaylistku Anna Willcocks from New Zeladnii.

Skiers Aaron Blank, Torin Wallace and Lyman Curro tried their hand at new and still obscure sports.

French biathlete Simon Fourcade for some reason decided to make a strange, to put it mildly, a photo of yourself with a massage in the signature ... But it wished everyone "good night." In Russian.

And his younger brother Martin, meanwhile, passed all the evening greetings from Sochi.

Lithuanian skater Deividas Stagniunas tried to help resist a bowl of the Olympic flame.

Lolo Jones, an American bobsledder, and before that - runners with disabilities - was photographed on her balcony on the background of the Sochi Sea to the envy of the participants of the Summer Games.

A Maxim Trankov and does selflessly decided to swim in it. Brrr ....

Sanochnitsa US Kate Hansen found sooo strange place ...

Athletes from Slovenia enjoyed the warm sunshine Sochi.

And Eric Frenzel, newly Olympic champion in nordic combined from Germany, even sunbathing.

American hockey player Monique Lamoureux played ball with the neighbors on the balcony.

Our biathlete Svetlana Sleptsova was walking along the promenade.

This unknown to us, unfortunately, Olympian, tried to concentrate as much as possible before the jump.



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