Every year, in one of China's reservoirs mysteriously disappeared a few bathers. But now the mystery of their disappearance, it seems, is disclosed. A few weeks ago in this reservoir it was caught a huge three-meter catfish, whose head is more than a meter wide! Inside catfish were found human remains.

For a long time, so as not to scare away tourists, the authorities suppressed the incident, but still the news became public. Currently banned swimming in the reservoir because of the high probability that there are found these fish-eating.

But was it caught catfish mutant? Fish in the photographs very similar to the whale shark. But as you know, tiger sharks do not live in fresh water. And if it was a shark, why she was killed, but did not give a scientist?

Or maybe just some joker just brought the shark to the reservoir, to make some noise? If so, it is excellent, he managed.

In any case, bathe in the waters of China's own risk. Nature can conceal a lot zagadok.


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