50 things the early 21st century

Recently, the network is very popular collections of photos of objects 70s, 80s, 90s. From the series - and remember that? Do you remember that? And remember, these were toy soldiers, and remember recorder "Romance» ...
Photo of old objects sought, collected together and laid out in one place - do you remember?

Battery Energizer. It sounds ridiculous, but the electricity is stored in the form of a chemical reaction. As the heat in the wood or light in a pot.

USB flash drive. The main media from location to location. The data is still stored in binary code form a two-dimensional matrix.

MacBook Air. Huge and uncomfortable, does not fit in your pocket. And it can not fold into a tube!

Processor Intel Core2Duo. Power stones have not yet measured in carats, and is tied to some strange anyone frequency.

iDog. One of the first non-protein pets.

Medvedev. Young and naive. It has not yet called the "Russian Bear" and nobody in the world is afraid of him.

Microsoft. So far, the software giant and the monopoly of the market.

LiveJournal. There are no mergers. This is just a personal diary in electronic form consisting of text and images.

ICQ. People wrote to each other! Text written !!! .. do you imagine that?

iPhone. Heavy brick will not fit in the ear!

Second Life. There can still be free to go to the real world!

Toothpaste. Only clean the teeth. Squeezed from the tube by hand, when the tube ends have to buy a new one.

PCA. It is still called by the opposition. And all still at large, no one sitting!

Blue-Ray drive. To read the data you need special bulky device with a laser inside. Capable of storing up to 50Gb! «G» from the word Giga. Yes, yes, do not laugh. Giga ...

Google. So far, only the world's best search engine. But no more than that, just mega-corporations.

Russian passport. Not sewn under the skin, does not have a tracking system in general has no electronics. Just a piece of paper, worn in a pocket.

Cthulhu. Still asleep.

Remote control. Already want to control everything without getting out of the chair, but it still needs to physically press the buttons.

World of Warcraft. To merge with the character can not be limited gaming space Euclidean geometry.

House-2. Already finished pouring the foundation ...

GPS-navigator. Determines the location in space, but no feedback, i.e. Nobody passes the location of the host. Card - a primitive set of polygons, contains no actual pictures of the surrounding area, not to mention the live broadcast.

PS3. Primitive game console for games you have to pay money. For the very same prefix, although as the name suggests, it is required to connect to other household consumer electronics.

Monitor. Unique and tightly closed window into virtuality, in which it is impossible to enter. You can only quietly spy ...

iPod Touch. Music player. Music still gets to the ears by wire.

Odnoklassniki. Who remembers the days when there registration is voluntary?

Fax. People can not do without the document, and that word still means the actual turnover of pulp.

SD-card. The main data store of portable electronics. Portable, so it must carry.

Fayrfoks. Guide to what is now called the Internet. In static text pages already, you can insert a short flat video terrible quality, but the whole interactivity no more than a poke pointer in a different window.

Electronic paper. No content updates on the mood host, no three-dimensional image. Stupidly screen that can be bent.

Wii. Another game console to the first attempts connection with the movement of the player character's movements.

There could be advertising. But it is not yet.

External hard drive. The only possibility to carry from place to place large (by modern standards) amounts of information.

Razor Zhillet.Vse still only 5 blades, and she shaves you, and only you shave with it.

The printer. Did I mention the paperwork?

Scanner. The same printer. On the contrary only.

Schroeder. As a logical conclusion.

Microwave. Used for heating food, because energy for the existence of a person still gets by cleavage of chemical molecules.

Electric. No access to the Internet or removable tunes, nothing. Just kettle for heating water.

Digital camera. Shoots in 2D and only in the visible part of the spectrum.

Plasma panel. NOT a part of the wall, instead hang on the wall!

Ignition key. Machines can already start remotely. But go they are still on the ground.

Light Bulb. Lit only when it is fed to conduct electricity. Efficiency - 7 percent.

Wi-Fi Router. Distributes the Internet within a radius of 100 meters.

Marker. As you know, having one marker can izrisoval everything in the world except the marker. With two markers - can izrisoval do everything in the world.

Bluetooth-headset. The first clumsy attempt to do without wires. Does not negate the obligatory presence of the phone.


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