Dog & gabana

At one time (about 2003-2004) at the corner of Rustaveli Saksahanskoho and opened a new shop. C corresponds to the sign. Flaunted her Latin bukovki D & C.
And walking middle-aged man sees - like a new boutique opened. As the world of fashion people pretty far, I think - well, maybe a new brand. Dolce Gabbana or (D & G) rebranding done. But - as new, maybe share some interesting. And you go to the store.
Looks - the choice of some weird. Shelves with canned food for pets. Other bestial utensils. Okay - can divide the area. And here's clothes. Wonderful such unitard hang. Only small some. Sales And side by side. Little man explores the range and sets the natural question:
-And For adults there?
Well ... so here is the same - puzzled girl.
Yes too small some - complains buyer
-And What weight? - Asked the seller.
-Primerno Eighty
-th! - Rounds girl lips and eyes
And leads to the stand with high resolution. A man looks. Again perplexed.
Well, and I will walk in this?
-And What do you want to be dressed the same with your pet? - Interested cheerful girl.
And men two daughters.
Why the same? - He wonders
Well, what is your dog?
-So What do you see here? You need small
-They Me not nalezut
And without that rather big girl's eyes became huge. And only now man felt some slight discrepancy
-What Is called your store - he finally asked the right question
-Dog And cat - the answer


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