SPACEX take humans to Mars in 10-20 years

"We will probably send out our first man in space in about three years," said Elon Musk CEO. "The Road to Mars, we will walk, I think, in the best case 10 years later, in the worst 15 - 20 years.»
SpaceX - one of the two leading private space companies in the United States, which received $ 75 million from the US space agency NASA on space exploration and the creation of a spacecraft that will replace the space shuttle.
California-based company last year completed its first successful test of an unmanned space capsule into orbit and back.
"Our goal is to facilitate the movement of cargo and astronauts to other planets, and then the people if they want to fly," said Musk, who also manages the company Tesla, which develops electric vehicles.

The US space shuttle program ends this year the final flight in June, ending an era that began with the first shuttle mission in 1981.
When the shuttle program ends, the United States hope that non-state space industry will be able to fill a niche, creating the next generation of spacecraft to transport astronauts and cargo into space.

"The future, where mankind explores the stars is an incredibly exciting future, and inspiring, and this - what we are trying to help make" Musk said in an interview.

Earlier this month, SpaceX is the fact that the mask is called the most powerful rocket in the world - "Falcon Heavy", the first flight will take place in late 2012.

The launcher is designed lifting space satellites or spacecraft weighing more than 53 tons - that more than twice prevyschaet Power Shuttle or Delta IV - heavy launchers.

SpaceX, short for Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, is one of two private companies that NASA attracted to transport cargo to the International Space Station.

Musk, a South African, who had made a fortune on the Internet, created SpaceX in 2002.


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