The chances that you will die from lightning or injured will be 1: 3 000

A staggering statistics. Every year, according to the National Weather Service, on the planet 16 million thunderstorms occur (ie right now rumbles in 1800 places). 25 million lightning reaches the earth's surface; This happens not only in the storm, but during intense wildfires, severe storms, volcanic eruptions, nuclear explosions and major hurricanes.
Lightning kills (in the US) an average of 55 people a year, hundreds get seriously injured. According to the calculations of the National Laboratory study of strong storms, the chances that you will die from lightning or injured will be 1: 3000, if we take the average life expectancy of 80 years. The likelihood that lightning will strike someone near you - 1: 300.

Lightning requires a certain set of circumstances, says Vladimir Rakov from the University of Florida (USA). This requires a high temperature on the ground and high humidity, and strong updrafts that cause moist air to cool, condense and form clouds. Electrification occurs only in those clouds, which contain water as a liquid or solid state, i.e. at a sufficiently high altitude.

In a cloud of accumulated electric charges, some lightning does not go beyond the clouds, while others reach the ground. The outbreak can last for about a second, and consist of several categories. As a rule, all of them are on the same path, but about a third of beats in different terms.

Why this happens is not clear. According to one version, the first few strokes create a charge that repels the next. It is known that lightning can appear side clouds and the horizontal route traveled several miles before you hit the ground.
And remember: the tent will not save you.


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