Chimpanzees are increasingly under attack on the intelligence of people

"As soon as a group of visitors left the survey area, Santino went to my primary place to sleep and brought a big pile of hay, which he placed directly in front of the fence for the visitors. Then he immediately put under the pile of hay found the stones in advance, "says Osvet.

"He prudently, placed behind a pile of shells, very invisibility of visitors and employees of the zoo. Then he sat down next to hay and waited patiently. When visitors come back, he waited until they caught up with a pile of hay, and without any signs of anger or other emotions, he began to throw stones into the crowd ».

Prudent surprise attacks on visitors demonstrates only a very advanced thinking is usually associated only with humans. Osvet says, "I wonder what he made these preparations when the visitors were out of sight, and that it also included innovations in their behavior. And it is interesting that the prudent male chimpanzee has not experienced any visible feelings or emotions. He behaved as whether it was doing something more than once thought out and tested in action ».

Researchers believe that a combination of previous experience with innovation "is a good sign rather complex abilities to foresee the chimpanzee».

After observing chimpanzees for many days, scientists also suspect that Santino would probably just "considers it fun" - annoying people. His attacks even seems to target specific people who might actually act on his nerves. The attacks all the more successful because Santino makes them absolutely cold blood, behaving naturally - even a little sleepy - at the moment before throwing a stone or other object.

Osvet further believes that the phenomenon points to "one of the most difficult problems in science: how the issue (in this case the brain) can be influenced by something that does not yet exist (prediction of the future). And this is not trivial. "


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